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Where is the best place to install a cat flap?

When thinking about getting a cat flap installed, it can be difficult to find the right place for it. You will be glad to know that many cat flats are specifically designed to be easily installed in doors and windows, giving you plenty of places to choose from! 

Make your cat feel secured

Cats often show signs of vulnerability, especially when it comes to other stray animals. When you are considering installing a cat flap, you may need to consider how the layout of your garden may affect it. If the cat flap leads to an open lawn or patio, there may be a high chance of your cat getting ambushed by other pets. The best option for this would be, if you have door which has an access to a side alley, it could be perfect as it is a concealed entrance for your cat. 

Install multiple cat flaps

Considering that cats are territorial, it might be a good idea to install more than one cat flap. The reason for this is because it will allow your cat to enter the house quickly if something is bothering them.

Consider the height

the height of your cat should alway be considered when installing a cat flap. The reason being is that when entering or leaving the house, it should be comfortable for them. A great way to measure the height is to measure the stomach of your cat from the floor. 

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