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How to train your cat to use a cat flap

Cat flaps and pet doors can be a great way to allow your cat a free-flowing method of playing in your property and your garden or outside space. This is great, but as we all know, cats rarely do what you want them to do. So just how do you train a cat to use a cat flap. We've got a step-by-step guide and the dos and don'ts below check it out...

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Cat Flap

A step-by-step guide to training your cat to use a cat flap 

First, you need to teach them to get in and out:

  • If your cat is being wary of the cat flap start training them by holding the door to the flap open and luring them closer to the cat flap with treats. 
  • As your cat gets more used to the cat flap and becomes at home with it reward your cat little and often with treats.
  • Finally, hold a treat on the other side of the cat flap and call your cat's name to encourage them to go through to the outside. You should repeat this process until your cat is happy to go through the cat flap in both directions.

Next, you need to teach them to push the door to the cat flap: 

Now your cat has mastered going back and forth through an open cat flap, you want to teach them to push the door on their own. To do this, you may want to shut the cat flap but prop it open just a little, this is so your cat can see the other side but has to push to get through. By doing this, they will learn how to push on the door. Now that your cat has mastered this, it’s time to remove the prop!

You may find that your cat flap needs to be activated with a microchip or magnet, be aware that the ‘click’ as the cat flap unlocks may startle timid cats. But keep persevering with treats, and they’ll soon get the hang of it. You should just be aware it may take a little longer.

The do's and don'ts of training your cat to use a cat flap


  • Accept that it is a gradual process and will take time there no quick fix 
  • Give your cat lots of encouragement and praise throughout the training 


  • Try and speed up the process 
  • Get annoyed at your cat

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