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Are Cat Flaps Becoming a New Trend?

Pets in the United Kingdom are among the most spoiled and well-cared-for in the world, with billions of pounds spent on toys, accessories, and cleaning services each year. The requirements for a cat flap have evolved as well, and it appears to be an ever-popular addition to pet owners' houses in Britain. So why are cat flaps becoming a new trend? 

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Cat Flaps Leeds

While the idea of a cat flap has been around for a long time, the locations where they could be installed were previously limited. This has changed as a result of improved cutting and fitting procedures. Cat flaps are now put in wood, uPVC, and even glass doors, which appeared inconceivable just a few decades ago.

What Is A Cat Flap?

A cat flap is a small opening in a window or door that allows cats to enter and exit freely. The cat may push its way in from either side of the opening, which usually has a hinged flap across it. More modern variants are now on the market that can read your cat's microchip, allowing only your cat inside your home and excluding uninvited guests. This is also available with magnets on the cat's collar that activate the flap's locking mechanism.

Where Are Cat Flaps Installed?

The locations where a cat flap can be built have also improved, contributing to the expanding trend of cat flap technology. A cat flap used to be a hole in a wooden door or a brick wall constructed into the wall. Today, we can put cat flaps in practically any window or door, giving our customers a wide range of alternatives. We can cut a hole in a window for you, and we have toughened glass panels that can help reinforce high-traffic areas.

While cat flaps can be installed in double-glazed windows and reinforced uPVC doors, we recommend purchasing specific panels to keep the door and window sealed and safe. We have a large selection of household glazing, so feel free to ask us about it when booking a free quote.

Improved Methods of Installation 

Our industry has evolved dramatically in the last year, but we have remained committed to providing the best possible service. We can instal your cat flap with professionalism and quality using highly qualified, experienced glaziers in your area. 

Furthermore, our pricing is among the most competitive in the industry, making cat flap installation much more affordable- get in contact today for a quote to see for yourself!

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