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Window Film Installation

Our professional window film installation services are available throughout London and the surrounding areas.

Are you looking for window film installers to install professional window filming on your commercial or domestic property? Then look no further than Hunters Glass Ltd! For a free quote on our services, call us on 0330 133 1655 and we will be happy to provide one.

What are window films?

Window film is a thin, multi-layered material made of polyester and sprayed with reflective coatings that help homeowners and businesses save energy by simply upgrading their existing windows. It also helps prevent any harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation deterioration of interior furnishings, fabrics, and floors when fitted by professional window film installers.

Types of window films we install

Opaque window films

Using opaque window films are a great with to achieve a high level of privacy at all times. If you want to fully black out a window, though, opaque window film is the way to go.

Frosted window films

To offer seclusion to certain areas, frosted window tint can be applied to full pieces of glass or parts of glass. You have the option of frosting some windows in your home, such as those in the bathroom. They are also ideal for business, especially when you want to create glass walls around reception areas or private offices.

Colored window films

When you wish to add privacy or modify the appearance of your windows, coloured window tint is another choice. This type of windows film is better suited for businesses. Adding a coloured window film, for example a blue or red-tinted film, could also be used to give your windows a modern makeover whilst giving you the privacy you need. 

Solar control window films 

The qualities of solar control film help to limit the sun's heat, intense brightness, and damaging UV radiation. Many solar film products will help you save energy throughout the year, even during the winter. This will help lower your energy bills and save you enough money over time to pay for your installation.

Book a Window Film Installers

Our window film installers are available throughout London and the surrounding areas. For more information on our window filming services, call our team on 0330 133 1655 and we'll be happy to help.

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